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Advanced Retina Institute keeps track of the latest developments in ophthalmology and specifically retinal care. We use only the latest technique and treatments which were thoroughly vetted through clinical trials. In fact, Dr. Tsipursky has participated and served as a primary investigator in multitude of clinical trails throughout his carrier which included studying treatments for macula degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macula holes and retinal detachments.

Close up of eye model with blurred out ophthalmologists in the background

It is our goal to offer our patients an opportunity to participate in clinical trails which will help in development of next generation treatments of difficult to treat retinal conditions.

Dr. Tsipursky has been extensively involved in translational research and has several national and international patents awarded to him and his collaborators. He is a co-founder and a CEO of a biotechnology company, ReVive Biotechnology, Inc. which is developing treatments for blinding retinal conditions as well as several conditions beyond the eye. This research is being supported by National Science Foundation Phase 1 and 2 grants as well as private investment.

There are opportunities for investment for those individuals who would like to contribute to vision saving therapy development.

ARI research advisory board consists of prominent researchers