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Preserving and Restoring Your Vision
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Welcome To

Advanced Retina Institute

Welcome to Advanced Retina Institute, where we are proudly committed to offering the most advanced and state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments available for all your vitreoretinal concerns. We understand how important your vision is, and therefore, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your visit with us.

Our personalized care is designed to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations, ensuring that you feel valued and appreciated.

Dr. Tsipursky
Dr Michael Tsipursky


Michael S. Tsipursky, MD, MS, FASRS

Dr. Tsipursky is a very experienced vitreoretinal specialist with medical and surgical expertise.  He is a leader in his field and presents his findings at national meeting regularly. He has performed >100,000 procedures and surgeries in his career so far.  

Majority of his career was spent as a Chairman of a large ophthalmology department at a major academic hospital in Illinois.  He continues to serve as an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.

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Conditions We Treat

Treatments & Diagnostics

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Xipere Argon laser


Fluorescein angiography
Indocyanine green angiography
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
B scan ultrasonography

What Is

The Retina?

In simple terms, the retina is like the "camera" inside your eye. It's a thin layer of light-sensitive cells located at the back of your eye. When light enters your eye through the lens, the retina captures it and converts it into electrical signals. These signals are then sent to your brain through the optic nerve, allowing you to see and perceive the world around you. The retina plays a crucial role in catching and helping your brain create the images you perceive.

Retina Diagram
Young woman having her eyes scanned

What is A

Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are an integral part of the medical field. They are meticulously designed to assess the safety and efficacy of new interventions or treatments for various medical conditions. Clinical trials aim to investigate new ways of preventing, detecting, and treating diseases, as well as exploring the potential of existing treatments to improve patient outcomes.

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Dr. Tsipursky is outstanding!
I've been seeing Dr. Tsipursky for well over 5 years for a retinal problem (retinal vein occlusion). His medical care has been uniformly excellent. He is also a patient, friendly person who takes the time to listen to patients and to clearly answer any questions. I can't overstate how satisfied I have been with his care. I recommend him with the highest praise.
Review from: Healthgrades

Dr. Tsipursky is an excellent Dr. I have seen him for several years. I have had Type 1 diabetes Mellitus for over 60 years. Dr. Tsipursky has been diligently caring for my sight with the beginnings of macular degeneration and aging eyes. He listens to my concerns and includes me in decisions made. I trust him implicitly.
Sandra Fiscus
Review from: Healthgrades

Dr Tsipursky is the BEST!!!
I love, love, love Dr. Tsipursky! He is the very best in his field. He is kind, compassionate, and always listens to you. He never makes you feel rushed. I first came to him 10 yrs ago. *Diabetic retinapothy. Low vision (had to use a blind walking stick) *Lots of problems. He thoroughly examined me and explained my options in an easy to understand language. He is fantastic. He saved my vision. I have a drivers license. He gives the same care to all his patients and you always feel a priority.
Mindy Haile
Review from: Healthgrades

Simply the best!
We have gotten the best care imaginable from Dr. Tsipursky. My son has a very complicated eye condition that started when he was 15 and took so, so, so many appointments to work through. Through it all we always felt completely comfortable trusting Dr. Tsipursky with his vision. My son has said that Dr. Tsipursky is the only doctor he trusts with his eyes. My family could not possibly recommend him more!
Cara Tharp
Review from: Healthgrades

Dr. Tsipursky is hands down the absolute best specialist in his field. Not only is he an extremely competent doctor, he cares for & about his patients. One would be in the best of hands when choosing Dr. Tsipursky as their physician. I would highly recommend him.
Bryan Hjelle-Ragle
Review from: Healthgrades

Terrific Doctor and person
Been a patient for 8 years and so grateful to have been referred to him for multiple retinal detachments. He was relentless in his care and I have nearly perfect vision after his expert skill. Very personable and interested in his patients. Generous with his time and expertise - very encouraging to my son in medical school by giving his time to allow him to shadow and learn from him. It is very scary to have vision threatening issues and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as an expert to help you in your journey.
Susan Daniels
Review from: Healthgrades

Outstanding Doctor
We have been going to doctor Tsipursky for over 6 years. He is a very learned professional. He has excellent communication and social skills. He is confident and deservedly so. He is moving to Florida. A great loss for our area but a blessing for patients in his new location. He is among the best doctors I have ever met. I can not recommend him highly enough. I pray for his happiness and success in this new chapter of his and his family's life.
James Hanken(Annette Coslow)
Review from: Healthgrades

Dr. Tsipursky has been a wonderful physician, caring for me for many years now with an eye problem that has the potential to destroy my vision. He is very knowledgeable, skilled, and caring in his provision of care. You in Florida are so lucky that he is moving to you state. I will miss him tremendously.
Review from: Healthgrades

Dr Tsipursky is TOP in his field. I have been seeing him for 7 years with several unique issues. My parents have also been his patient. He exhibits the best qualities of a doctor; caring, thoroughness and expert qualities of judgement and performance. His reputation is well deserved, he truly is the BEST !!!
Dena Clifton
Review from: Healthgrades

"The best"
My mother and I have been treated by Dr Tspirsky with eye injections for Macular degeneration. We found him to be a highly skilled, deeply caring man who we completely trusted with our most precious eye sight.
A gift to the medical profession
Review from: Healthgrades

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